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02.21.02 - 8:58 a.m.

in this place where i work...this giant glass and stone complex on a hill nothing is ever dirty or misplced. Clean lines and vacuumed floors, everything is asthetically pleasing, a great place to work, wonderful fringe benefits, longest maternity leaves in the business. And then there is the cafe elevator, a seldom used up and down sqaure that i found one day on my way to the watchdog room or bulldog room or some other oddly named conference area. Its a normal elevator, mirrored on the outside, quiet and swift like the others, but on the inside im always alone. And inside it smells everything in the world like swisher sweets...the long brown "cigarettes" with the plastic filter my old boss at the pool used to smoke. The first time i stepped in, dressed modestly in blue and black i laughed out loud. What in the World? I quetioned my reflection in the mirror, sniffed all i could before my floor clicked and the door opened. Its my favorite place so far, this swisher sweets elevator.


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