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04.04.03 - 8:05 p.m.


im sorry my last journal entry was so creepdified.

i have to do it though, you know? Or else i never get back to sleep.

im sorry for those who are worried and who called.

apparantly i cant take flagyl only on top of one banana. Theyre serious about that "TAKE WITH FOOD" part.

In any case. Im good. But exhasuted. No sleep and a full day.

I keep my fingers crossed that tonight is uneventful. I need one good night. In a bad way.

On a good note. I discovered a new way to wear my hair. A variation on a theme of pigtails, but low with messy curls in front. And the llcoolj tee shirt of course (thanks alex)

Acquired Today:

Two retro wall sconces.

Two sweet bunnies for the baby girls

Ill write more when i can.

Love and love


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